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Counter Strike Online: CSGO

CS:GO, also known as Counter Strike: Global Offensive is created by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment, a 1st person perspective shooting game for multiple players. It is released in August 2012 for Windows, PlayStation, 3OS X, and Xbox 360, while in 2014, Linux version is released. CSGO online is the 4th game in Counter Strike series.

CSGO is play between 2 teams with each other which 1 team to be Terrorists and another team to be Counter-Terrorists. Both of the teams have the mission to be completed depending on the game mode while eliminating the other party (enemy) throughout the mission. As a Terrorists, the team has mission such as to defend the hostages from being saved or to plant bombs at specific locations. As a Counter-Terrorists, the team must then save the hostages, prevent bombs from being planted and also defuse bomb within the time period given. There is a total of 9 game modes available, where each of it has different characteristic and is specific to that particular mode.

CSGO online also allow for matchmaking support that allows the community members to play with special maps and game mode by hosting their own servers and players are also allowed to play on special server. The battle-royale play mode was introduced in year 2018, known as “Danger Zone”.

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CSGO Online Free Version

As a competitive shooting games that has continuously gained huge fanatical base, Valve’s strategy to remain the classic features of Counter Strike while releasing Global Offensive series was a brilliant decision. With the technology support and game updates that are balancing regularly, CSGO has managed to establishes itself as competitive FPS game. The degree of difficulty of the games also poses challenges and increase the attractiveness of the game where players need to master a set of tactics in playing the game. However, although the price of the CSGO is getting relatively affordable as compared to other games in the market, CSGO still facing challenges in expanding its blue ocean markets – those that are not yet generating interest in online gaming or video games.

Thus, in order to conquer this and explore unknown opportunities, Valve has come out with the free version of Counter Strike: Global Offensive – Free, which is a free version that is available to all but only through offline. This was an unexpected move that had surprised the public.

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