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Why is Dota2 so Popular among Esports Games?

As a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), Dota2 is a video game developed and introduced by Valve. Dota 2 is played by two teams within a match, and each team consists of five players. The ultimate mission of each team is to destroy the enemy base and “Ancient” while defending their own separated base against the other team. Each of the players controls and plays a character, which is known as “hero” in the Dota2. Each of the “heroes” has their own unique abilities for different purposes and advantages over each other. Throughout a match, Dota2 players have to gained experience points and items to equip their heroes with other advanced skills and armour and then defeat the enemy’s heroes in player vs player combat.

The heroes will be rewind under a countdown, back to each base after being defeated. The higher the level of the heroes, the longer the countdown would be for a hero to return to the game. And each player that defeated enemy’s heroes contribute a score to own team. A team wins the Dota2 match by being the first to managed to destroy the large structure located within the base, known as “Ancient”.

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Dota 2 has quite a number of esports competitions, with teams from worldwide playing in different tournaments and professional leagues. In order to make it Dota2 a popular esports, Valve has managed a special format of event, known as Dota Pro Circuit. Through this event, a series of small tournaments are organized to assign qualification points to each of the Dota Team for them to earn their invitation to The International, the grand premier tournament in Dota that is held annually. The International prize money is conducted in a crowdfunding way where the prize of winning amounts can go up to US$30 million for the champion. The huge price rewards have been the most lucrative among other esports. The Dota2 teams that get into finals is then play matches to live audience in stadiums and arenas while at the same time, they are broadcasted in live streams either through the internet and some even on television networks, to the rest of the world. The peak viewer numbers of The International can go up to millions.

Dota2 Leaderboard

What is a Dota2 Leaderboard?

A Public Leaderboards by Dota2 is an official ranking of the Top Players in Dota2 by Valve. This Dota2 Leaderboard covers the top players in 4 world region which is America, Europe, Southeast Asia and China. The rankings are determined by the Matchmaking Rating (MMR) of a player in their solo ranked matches.

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To be eligible to appear on Dota2 Leaderboard, one must have at least a 300 lifetime of matchmaking games played on ranked PvP matches. Also, in order for the player to qualified in Dota 2 Leaderboard, they will need to involved in at least 100 lifetimes of solo ranked games, with 1 ranked game played in the last 21 days within the same division.

This Leaderboard of Dota2 is updated hourly and the MMR for each division is measured on a different scale, thus comparing the players’ MMRs across the divisions simply is not meaningful.

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